Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Called to Serve

I feel like this blog will end up mostly being church notes/stories I don't want to forget. Last Monday in institute our teacher Brother Maughn related an incredible story to us. He heard this in 1994 at a Seminary instructors meeting where Elder Holland was speaking when he told the story of being called as an Apostle. Elder Holland said His daughter picked up the phone and was giggling and laughing just as she was talking to one of her friends, when He asked who it was she said it was the prophet. At signs of his disbelief Sister Patricia Holland took the phone from his daughter to confirm the identity of the caller. She chatted and laughed and told Jeff it was really the prophet and said, 'Its for you, Howard would like to talk to you.' Elder Holland responded by saying, 'you mean President Hunter?' He took the phone, they talked and during the conversation Pres Hunter said, "Jeff, if its convenient for you, I would like to meet with you at 7am tomorrow morning, if its convenient." Elder Holland responded, "IF ITS CONVENIENT? President, you are the prophet of the Lord if you wanted to meet with me at 3am I would be there." "7 will be fine Jeff," the president responded. Elder Holland got into bed in his suit that night and Pat criticized him. He explained there was not time to waste because he was meeting with the prophet in the morning. After coming to the conclusion he could not sleep he ended up at the Church Office Building hours before his appointment. The security guards greeted him and when Elder Holland explained why he was there so early they responded, "We get that a lot." They invited him in, since President Hunter was already there in his office. At this time President Hunters health limited his mobility to a wheelchair. Elder Holland said as he walked in the office, "President Hunter rolled from behind his desk toward me with his arms outstretched at his sides and gave me a hug. He looked up at my with his caring blue eyes Then he said something I will never repeat and said, 'Jesus Christ is calling you to be one of His 12 apostles.'"
This is pretty accurate to how I heard it from my teacher, I believe there were no exaggerations in my writing.
Aren't we grateful for Elder Holland's calling to the quorum? I hope one day my witness of Christ may be as strong as his

Monday, October 11, 2010

"There is a woman at the Begining of all Great Things" -Alphonse de Lamartine

My title fits because if it were not for a certain woman I would not have a blog. With unsuccessful attempts over and over at writing in my journal this will be a replacement.
I learn plenty of new things everyday that I will HOPEFULLY share here.